• We only serve food that we would serve to our family and friends.

  • Our Concepts

    (franchise locations)

  • Our Philosophy

    We only serve food that we would serve to our family and friends.


    Fresh Ingredients Straight to the Kitchen

    Fresh ingredients are delivered straight to each restaurant where we make our food on-site, maximizing flavor and freshness.


    We work closely with our food suppliers to ensure that we are getting the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best quality product.


    Food Made In-House

    Our kitchen is bustling. Our chefs carefully execute each recipe, following our process to a T to ensure the highest quality food is delivered.


    Whether our chefs are mixing our dough, building lasagna, or blending ricotta, they are creating each dish with care and precision.


    Customer Experience Driven

    Each team member does everything possible to add value to our customers' experience. This includes working together to continually improve product quality, service, and operations. When a customer walks into a DeSantis Restaurant Concepts establishment, they are joining our family for a meal, so we treat them as family.

  • Quick Facts


    The year the DeSantis Family opened their first Italian restaurant

    72 Hours

    The time we take to proof our dough

    1 Million+

    The number of Lasagnas sold from our L.A. Italian Kitchen restaurants

    50 Million +

    The number of customers served by DeSantis Restaurant Concepts

  • Meet Our Founder

    Joe De Santis

    Founder & CEO

    L.A. Italian Kitchen founder, Joseph De Santis began his career in the restaurant-food service industry at the ripe age of nine years old. While growing up, Joe’s father would take him to work at one of the family’s pizza places, Pizza Pete’s, on the weekends.


    As a young man, Joe embraced the challenge and opportunity to work and learn about the restaurant business. By age sixteen, Joe was the manager of one of the larger sales volume Pizza Pete’s restaurants located in Santa Ana, California.


    Like his grandparents, Joe looks to the future for growth with a fresh concept, and to serve high quality, quick service Italian food. He branched out and opened the first “L.A. Italian Kitchen” restaurant in 1991 at the Galleria at Tyler in Riverside, California. Joe, being a Los Angeles native, created the name L.A. Italian Kitchen as a reflection of his Italian heritage.


    He went on to expand the DeSantis Restaurant Concepts portfolio with the addition of two FatBurger franchise locations in 2011. In 2013, Joe opened his first Social Life Pizza restaurant in San Diego, CA. Today, the DeSantis Restaurant Concepts restaurant brands consists of L.A. Italian Kitchen, FatBurger, and Social Life Pizza.